Our Vision

We believe learning is crucial for the success of all people, especially in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world. Learning takes place in many forums and locations with the experience and impacts unique to each learner. Schools are places tasked with providing some of these learning experiences; our passion is to provide the opportunity for educators to maximise opportunities for all to have meaningful and valuable learning.

We appreciate and understand the multiple demands and expectations placed on schools from diverse stakeholders sometimes with competing agendas. However, it is our desire to remain focused on the meaningful and valuable learning for all students within schools. We believe we will be able to work with schools in ways that benefit the learning of students, providing research and resources, challenge, space and time for reflection, narratives, integrity and humour.

Our experiences as parents of two teenage children, as educators, Board of Trustee members, PD providers, working for MoE, sports coaches, leadership in schools gives us our narrative. We are passionate, yet grounded, we continue to learn and seek guidance and growth in our learning, we would enjoy the opportunity to form a mutually beneficial relationship with you.