What we offer


Enabling Pacific Success

With 20 years of experience enabling Pacific success, we can support your school to focus on what makes a difference for Pasifika learners to enjoy educational success.Tapasā will be bought to life with our professional expertise.


Culturally Responsive Leadership

Understanding how culturally responsive leadership can positively influence all learners to succeed is a critical role in effective leadership. We can support your leaders to be agentic in their positiioning, focus on reducing inequities as well as embracing cultural diversity.

Growth and Development

It is important to value staff and provide opportunities for growth and development. This may take the form of mentoring, supporting inquiry, critical friend or appraisal. Alana and William have a depth of experience working with staff at all levels.

Authentic Curriculum Design

We see the curriculum defined broadly as the totality of student experiences that occur in the educational process. What does your school curriculum look like? Does it need reviewing?


Lifting DISCIPLINARY Literacy

Disciplinary literacy looks different in every subject of a secondary school. Learners need explicit teaching of disciplinary literacy in order for them to become confident independent readers and writers.


All schools have systems and practices in operation to deliver learning experiences to students. The question is are they aligned to the vision and values of the school?