"Young people need the best us...the best teacher possible, the best leader possible. We need to go through the self reflection process...so we can increase the probability that we connect with [students] in the most optimal way everyday"

Baruti Kafele

Our Vision

Education for Change

Education changes lives and schools are critical change makers. However, there is never enough time to do everything but knowing what to spend your energies on to make a significant difference is what educatalysts do.

Educatalysts have a strong moral compass and a depth of experience  in the NZ education system. We believe that by valuing voices, aligning practices to research, and reviewing systems great things can and do happen.

Let us sit beside you, or lead with you effective change that matters.

What we offer

Educatalyst consultants work in a variety of responsive ways: facilitating highly interactive practical workshops, in-school professional learning and development design and implementation, leadership, gathering and gaining insights from student, teacher or parent voice, coaching & mentoring and more.




“Thank you for the wonderful workshop on literacy. I learned so many strategies that I could use now.

You had given me more information than I was expecting. You gave me practical examples for my subjects.”

— Secondary Teacher


"We've really appreciated working with you and your input has been invaluable"

DP Whanganui City College, 2019


"The day was so powerful and provoked my thinking. I loved having the perspectives of the students and lecturer that came in to speak. The format of the day allowed for meaningful and light hearted discussion that made the day thoroughly enjoyable.  "

— Workshop Feedback 2019